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Launching of VT820 - May 2017
Expanding its line of precured treads, Vipal Rubber is launching the VT820: a new traction design recommended for use on paved and unpaved roads, for vehicles that travel at low speed. Designed for excellent performance in extreme driving conditions, as well as in mud and snow.. More info...

Tranversal blocks that allows excellent traction power.
Grooves designed to enable self-cleaning of the tread.
Reinforced middle section to help preserving the casing and contribute to better performance.

Launching of VT220 - January 2017
Vipal Rubber is launching a new drive design recommended for medium and long haul application: the VT220. With a special compound for driving in low temperatures, this tread was developed for use in surfaces with mud and snow. This tread has the 3PMSF certification, that proves the performance when driving in snow conditions. The design also permits excellent water/snow/mud drainage. More info...

Transversal grooves with ties bars providing greater support in the base of the blocks
Transversal blocks that allow excellent traction power
Deep sipes for better tread blocks movement, enabling the self-cleaning of the tread and better grip in snow conditions

New size of DV-RL2 - June 2016
Vipal is launching the size205mm, adding a new option for design DV-RL2.

See the main advantages and features of the design DV-RL2:
• Excellent resistance to wear.
• Low heat generation,providing lower casing fatigue.
• Indicated for highway application in trailer axles.
• The compound allows better adherence to the ground during braking.

VT550A LAUNCH - March 2016
Vipal launches its newest traction design – the tread VT550A. Recommended for use in medium duty trucks, single axle tractor trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, VT550A is ideal for radial tires of the mixed segment, with an optional for the regional segment.

See the main advantages and features of the new design:
• Transversal blocks that allow excellent traction power;
• Grooves with extruders that prevent retention of rocks and other objects;
• Excellent outflow/drainage of water;
• Its characteristic performance allows the tread to clean itself (mud, sand, rocks)
• Greater traction power in conditions of mud and snow (M+S).

RZM300 LAUNCH - December 2015
Ruzi is widening its range of designs with the release of the tread RZM300, recommended for the urban segment and use on urban buses and highway.

See the main features and advantages of the RZM300:
• Light tread, the reduced weight improves casing retreadability;
• Recommended for application on buses;
• Good resistance to wear by abrasion.

VL150A LAUNCH - September 2015
Vipal is launching the new tread VL150A, recommended to highway application of commercial tires placed on trailer axles. The tread will replace the VTE2, which will be discontinued once the stock runs out.

Other characteristics:
• Indicated to super single tires.
• Good resistance to wear by abrasion.
• Tread with low rolling resistance, providing fuel economy and
  less heating generation, contributing to the conservation of the tire.

VT170 LAUNCH - August 2015

Vipal has another of its treads approved by the SmartWay Transport program
The VT170 ECO, recommended for cargo road vehicles, was verified for meeting efficiency standards in fuel consumption and reduced gas emissions into the atmosphere

Vipal Rubber invests in technology and development of products that strive to ally savings and environmental conservation. The latest development is the VT170 ECO, the cargo vehicle tread that has just been verified by the SmartWay Transport program. Vipal, as Latin American leader and one of the top worldwide manufacturers of tire retreading products, is the only company in South America to manufacture products with this validation.

The VT170 ECO is recommended for use on drive axles, for radial tires that travel paved roads. Its low rolling resistance generates less heat, ensuring less fatigue on the casing. What’s more, the tread has high traction power on wet surfaces, and greater resistance to abrasion wear.

As part of the ECO line, the VT170 follows the pattern of using special rubber compounds, groundbreaking technology developed by Vipal. The ECO products, while simultaneously helping the carrier save, also preserve the environment. This is the second Vipal tread to be verified by the SmartWay program. In 2014, the brand had its VL130 ECO tread approved, the first time that such a program had regulated a tire tread.

The SmartWay Transport program, created in 2004 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aims for reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) in North American cargo transport.

VT200 LAUNCH - May 2015

The new VT200 is here, a tread for the highway segment, indicated for rigid chassis trucks with trailing axle and tractor trucks. See the main characteristics and advantages of the VT200.
VT200 means:
V - Vipal tread.
T - Indicated for use in drive axles.
200 - Hundreds (100 and 200) represent tread for use on highways and paved streets in radial tyres.

See the main characteristics and advantages of the VT200:

VT180 LAUNCH - June 5th 2014
The VT180 tread, which is recommended for use with medium duty trucks (tandem axle) and single axle tractor trucks, has truly unique attributes, which include:
• Cross blocks that provide excellent drive power.
• Grooves designed to minimize the retention of rocks and other objects.
• Incavos equipped with extruders that prevent retention of rocks and other objects.
• Allows for good water flow/drainage.
• Provides casing with better damage protection.
• Its distinct design allows the tread to clean itself (mud, sand, rocks).
• Adhesion to slippery terrain, such as mud and snow, making it a M+S tread.

VT180 means:
V - Vipal Tread
T - Tread recommended for use with drive axles.
180 - The numbers 100 and 200 represent treads that are meant for use with radial tires on paved streets and roads.
The VT180 will be available for all countries, except Brazil. Go to Precured Treads to see more details about this product.

VL130 ECO LAUNCH - February 11th 2014

VL130 ECO has arrived! The first Vipal line verified by the American Smartway Transport program, which encourages fleets to use products that save fuel and provide a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Vipal becomes the only company in South America that manufactures a product with this validation. This is the first time in the world that such program regulates precured treads.

About the SmartWay Transport Program
The program created in 2004 by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency for the government of California, USA), aims to promote technologies and strategies to reduce fuel consumption that help transport companies to save resources and, at the same time, reduce environment impacts. Specifically, the SmartWay Transport program seeks to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) in transporting American cargoes.

VL130 means:
V - Vipal Precured Tread.
L - Precured tread to use on trailer axles.
130 - The 100 and 200 families represent precured treads to use on highways and paved streets, on radial tires.
ECO - Product that contributes to reduce fuel consumption.

Learn more about the VL130 and its differentials:

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