Vipal Rubber earns a new distinction with the Export Award

June 6, 2019

Award in for the Industry Highlight - Plastics and Rubber Products category is the company’s 11th achievement at the ADVB-RS event


Innovation and focus. That’s how Vipal Rubber keeps winning over international markets. Because of this, the company is recognized once again as one of the leading exporters in Rio Grande do Sul with the 2019 Export Award, promoted by the Association of Brazilian Marketing and Sales Directors (ADVB/RS - Associação dos Dirigentes de Marketing e Vendas do Brasil do Rio Grande do Sul). In this run, Vipal is the winner in the Industry Highlight category in Plastics and Rubber Products, amounting to 11 trophies. The delivery ceremony took place on June 6, at Casa NTX in Porto Alegre.

“The global market is an important expansion route for the company, given that we already have significant leading participation domestically,” says Vipal Rubber’s International Business Director, Leandro Rigon. According to Rigon, Vipal focuses on developing its businesses and on growth opportunities. “More than just an expectation, we have the intention of growing in the international market, and the next three years will entail many advances in this direction,” he says. Vipal’s main markets include Latin America, North America and Europe, in addition to a presence in Oceania, Asia and Africa.