Application of treads with wings

October 28, 2016

VIPAL presents the guidelines to obtain better results on retreaded tyres using treads with wings,which offers a better finishing and conservation of the casing. More info...

What's The Alpine Symbol?
October 28, 2016

VIPAL continues onward: the VDA4 and VT160 treads now come with the ALPINE SYMBOL that certifies when the tyre is designed for severe snow conditions. The tested VIPAL retreaded commercial tyres showed an outstanding adherence to snow surfaces. More info...

Vipal and TechnoPneu win Miss Retread for the second year in a row
May 09, 2016

Vipal Rubber celebrates the positive results it achieved during the North American Tire & Retread Expo, held from April 19 to 21 in New Orleans, USA. In addition to a presence at the trade fair with its treads, the brand was the winner of yet another edition of the Miss Retread competition, through its partner TechnoPneu.

The award ceremony recognizes the best retreaded tires in different categories. TechnoPneu took first place in the commercial tire with pre-cured tread category, and the winning product was retreaded using Vipal’s VT200 treads. The VT170 ECO tread also participated by way of a tire entered by Panhandle Tire. Miss Retread rates the best retreaded tires in order to encourage best practices in the segment. Other than this year, Techno Pneu and Vipal were also winners in 2015 with the VT180 tread.

Vipal participates in one more edition of Truck World
April 19, 2016

Being present in every market where retreaded tires are used. This is one of the goals of Vipal Rubber, which recently participated in the latest edition of Truck World, held in Toronto, Canada. The fair, which wrapped up this April 16th, brought visitors from many countries to check out the new developments in the trucking and transportation segment. Vipal’s goal, beyond remaining close with its North American clients, was to tell visitors about the benefits of tire retreading. The company is showcasing two of its products, SmartWay-verified treads: VL130 ECO and VT170 ECO.

Both treads are recognized for ensuring greater economy for carriers, offering reduced fuel consumption and high efficiency. These benefits, combined with lower greenhouse gas emissions, have earned it this certification. Vipal was the pioneer, the first South American company to receive this validation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Both the VL130 ECO and the VT170 sparked a lot of interest among the public, when Vipal’s technical team had the opportunity to answer every question from the audience. In addition to its products, Vipal’s booth showcased its partnership with Truckcap, represented by its DV-RL2, VT180, VL100 and VT510 treads.

The Brampton, Ontario-based retreader has been a client since 2005. Tony Deonarain, one of its owners, insisted on being present throughout the event. He emphasized how proud he is to work with the Vipal brand, and, of course, of the results of their retreaded tires. Vipal was represented by Antonio Brito, General Manager of Vipal NAFTA, and Frederico Schmidt, Business Manager for Vipal United States. For Brito, opportunities like this are extremely important to make the brand stronger among the North American market, in addition to building relationships with current clients and developing new business.

Vipal brings exclusive treads to North American Tire & Retread Expo
April 18, 2016

Vipal Rubber makes sure to attend the most important international events in the tire market, even more so when the focus is specifically on the retreating industry. This is the case of the North American Tire & Retread Expo, held from April 19 to 21 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, USA.

In addition to attending with its treads and extensive retreading product mix, Vipal will also carry out a customer relations action during the event, with confirmed customers from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Spain. The Latin American leader and one of the top worldwide manufacturers of tire retreading products is bringing a number of its exclusive designs to the expo, including its SmartWay-verified VT170 ECO and VL130 ECO treads.

Vipal was the first South American company to receive this validation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Both products are recognized for ensuring greater economy for carriers, offering reduced fuel consumption and high efficiency. All this, combined with lower greenhouse gas emissions, has earned it this certification. Vipal will also host a dinner on April 20 for customers in the region. “The US retreading market is the largest in the world, representing roughly 30% of worldwide trade.

Customer relations initiatives are part of Vipal’s project in the 90+ countries where it operates, and we wouldn’t do things differently here,” notes Frederico Schmidt, Vipal’s Sales Manager for the United States. Also on the 20th, Expo visitors will get to know the companies that won the Miss Retread contest. The competition, which rates the best retreaded tires, is conducted in order to encourage best practices in the segment. In 2015, one of the three winning companies was Techno Pneu, which used Vipal’s VT180 to retread its winning tire.

Vipal participating in the Mid-America Trucking Show
March 29, 2016

The desire to remain close with its clients is in Vipal Rubber’s DNA. And one of the ways the Latin American leader and one of the top worldwide manufacturers of tire retreading products does this is by participating in important international events. In this case, Vipal is participating in the Mid-America Trucking Show, held in Louisville, Kentucky, from March 31 to April 2. The company will be showcasing its VT200 tread, designed for dead axle and tractor trucks, as well as its two treads verified by US-based SmartWay Transport: VT170 ECO and VL130 ECO.

Both VL130 ECO and VT170 ECO, the latter designed for freight vehicles, offer fleet managers more savings, lower fuel costs and long-lasting performance. All this, combined with lower greenhouse gas emissions, has awarded it this internationally recognized certification. Vipal was the first South American company to receive this validation from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in what was also the first time the EPA verified tire treads. Launched in 2009, the advanced technology of the Vipal ECO treads is produced with special compounds and drawings, which ensure less rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption and higher mileage performance. In other words, at the same time that it helps the carrier save by reducing fuel consumption by up to 10%, a quite significant percentage within a fleet, it also preserves the environment. On the other hand, the VT200 is recommended for use on drive axles, for radial tires that travel paved roads. The tread has deep grooves that provide long-lasting performance and better protect the vehicle shell, prolonging the tire’s useful life.

Additionally, Vipal is bringing its complete retreading product line to its booth at Mid-America. The event has been held for more than 40 years and is one of the largest fleet expos in the United States. “This is an excellent opportunity to be closer to our clients and to support even more strongly our brand in the North American market,” highlights Vipal’s Business Manager to the United States, Frederico Schmidt.

Vipal Rubber products equipping Canadian fleet
March 21, 2016

Emphasising the economic benefits and safety of tyre retreading is something that Vipal Rubber always strives to do. And this recognition, which is already present in the 90+ countries where the brand operates, also exists in the public sector.

After a bidding process and a battery of tests with the V167 tread, the Société de Transport de Montreal (STM), located in Montreal, Canada, will begin retreading its tyres using Vipal products. STM is in charge of public transport in the city of Montreal and surrounding metropolitan regions.

The company retreads roughly 350 tyres per month, and from now on will use the V167 tread, a Vipal design marketed only outside Brazil. V167 is perfect for trucks and buses with radial tyres on drive axles and is particularly suitable for powerful, high-torque vehicles and long running times on paved surfaces.

The tread also offers good performance on muddy and snowy surfaces. The public transit company’s fleet numbers 1721 buses, and tyre retreading is handled by a retreader owned by the Canadian Government.

Vipal Europe proves the superiority of the VRT3 tread
The Vipal tread demonstrated 8% better mileage when tested against similar competitor treads

Investing in technology is in Vipal Rubber’s DNA. And the results can be seen in every test confirming the quality of products from the Latin American leader and one of the top worldwide manufacturers of tyre retreading products. In this case, the streets of Puglianello, Italy hosted a battery of tests that proved the superior performance of the VRT3 tread from Vipal Rubber. In the first performance comparison in Europe, the Vipal product achieved 8% better mileage than the similar competitor product.

The test was conducted on paved roads, in a cargo vehicle with trailer and drive axles. The track, comprising moderate climbs and descents and an abrasive surface, resulted in an average degree of severity. The performance evaluation was done with supervision by the Vipal Europe team and technical support from the R&D and Technology team in Brazil, according to established quality standards and with equal conditions.

The carrier involved was Autotrasporti Felice Michele Vinchiatauro, a company with a fleet of 20 trucks that provides live cargo transport services. Autotrasporti Felice has been in the market since 1978 and retreads most of the tyres it uses. For the company’s owner, Michele Vinchiatauro, the up to 60% cost savings achieved with a retreaded tyre compared to a new one is crucial. “We always strive for quality and savings, which is one of the reasons we are steadily increasing the percentage of retreaded tyres in our fleet,” he says.

The general manager of Vipal Europe, Alessandro Campos, emphasises how essential this kind of testing is, saying “In addition to demonstrating the quality of our treads in a practical way, these initiatives bring us closer to customers and reinforce the benefits of retreading, two key issues for Vipal Rubber”.

Vipal gives lecture during the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo
August 3, 2015

Vipal Rubber believes in the importance of spreading the word about the benefits of tire retreading around the World. So the company gave a lecture on the topic during the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2015 , held between the 16th and 18th of July at the ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama City, Panama.

On that occasion, the presentation was led by Vipal’s commercial coordinator in Mexico and Central America, Jean Barros. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of money and natural resources savings generated by tire retreading. "The retreaded tire gets to be up to 60% more affordable than a new tire. It saves an average of 57 liters of oil during manufacturing and also reduces power consumption by up to 80%" he said. Barros also spoke about fuel economy and the technology employed by Vipal to develop products that benefit the carrier in this matter.

During the fair, the company also showed several items from its retreading line, including the VL130 ECO, which provides up to a 10% reduction in fuel consumption. It is the first band from South America to be validated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the US SmartWay Transport Program, which encourages carriers to use products that provide fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. Among the qualities that earned the VL130 ECO this qualification are its low rolling resistance, which generates less heat, thus ensuring a lower casing fatigue, and also its rounded shoulders, which reduce the effects of dragging.

Vipal’s portfolio at the fair included other products such as the DV line items, consisting of treads with unique designs aimed at cargo and passenger transportation such as the DV- UM3B and the DV- RM.

Mexican carrier highlights positive results with Vipal products
June 22, 2015

Transport companies from all over the world save costs retreading with Vipal Rubber products. This time it was Morgan Express, headquartered in Mexico City, which achieved a cost reduction by retreading their fleet tires with Vipal products.

Morgan has over 40 years of experience in the logistics market and has units in four Mexican cities (Guadalajara, Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo and Veracruz). The company, which has a fleet of about 150 vehicles, retreaded more than 800 truck tires using the Vipal treads VEL and V167 B during 2014.

Morgan’s aim was to reduce costs while maintaining performance and security. "By using Vipal products we reached our goals, reducing costs and maintaining high quality standards," says Fernando Ganem Managing Director of Morgan. He also emphasizes the importance of the preventive maintenance program implemented by the company. This initiative determines standards for various important actions, for example to ensure that the correct pressure is applied to the tires.

Moreover, the chosen Retreading Companies have a decisive role in the process.  Morgan used the services of Vitalizadora Guzman, Aguascalientes, and Renovadora Mestizo, of Mexico City. Both are part of the Authorized Vipal Network, the largest in Latin America, with 300 retreader dealers, 225 of them in Brazil.  As part of the Vipal Network, the two companies were able to offer a standardized service, and the end result is a product carrying quality and excellence.

For Vipal, examples such as Morgan’s are essential for the retreading industry to develop further.  "We are always looking for different ways to spread knowledge about retreading," said Tales Pinheiro Cardoso, Vipal’s Marketing Manager.  "So when a client brings out his satisfaction with our product, we believe it is important to share these results".

Vipal’s Booth at Autopromotec 2015 attracts visitors from all over the World!

Autopromotec is one of the biggest automotive events in the World, and this year took place in Bologna, Italy from the 20th to the 24th of May.  The trade show brought together 1,587 exhibitors from 47 countries, and Vipal was there as the tire retreading leader in Latin America.

Vipal showed its wide range of products and services for the automotive segment, while highlighting two exciting news.  The first one is the new tread DV-RT4, with Vipal’s exclusive design, ideal for traction/drive wheels.  The second was the introduction to our external market clients of the details of its new services and international operations.  Among these are the opening of a New Distribution Center in England. With an area of 21,526sqf and 500 tons of capacity, this operation is aimed to cater to the UK market’ needs.  Vipal’s booth was visited by people from China, Germany, Poland, Spain, USA, The Netherlands and Turkey, among others.

Vipal also invited a group of Vipal’s Authorized Network clients to check out the company’s booth at the show. A lot of them won the trip to Autopromotec by winning the Ecopremium Challenge, a Vipal promoted contest that rewards the retreaders most committed to excellence and to Vipal’s Authorized Network standards.  They were joined by our Marketing Director, Tales Pinheiro, and by our North Sales National Director, André Nedeff, and they also had some time to enjoy this beautiful Italian region.

Among the clients that Vipal invited to the show were representatives from diverse business partners in Brazil like:  Posto Santa Helena (Bahia), Canteiros (Ceará), NSA (São Paulo), Ser Pneus (São Paulo), Recauchutagem e Vulcanização Real (Santa Caterina), FM Pneus (Santa Caterina), Lauxen Pneus (Rio Grande do Sul), Vitta (Paraná), Caninde (Pará), Total (Pará), Resou - Souza (Goiás), Tropical Pneus (Goiás), Mega (Espírito Santo) e a Tropical Pneus (Goiás).  All these goings on stated clearly for everyone: Vipal is successful everywhere!


In order to standardize the precured tread names for Vipal and Ruzi, and to make identification easier through its application, Vipal will start a process to adjust the names for all the available products in the market.

The new naming convention will be implemented as new designs are launched, and also in accordance with the equipment maintenance needs.

At the same time, merchandising and product information will also be updated. There will be a period of time where the old and new naming systems will coexist, until all stock is depleted or substituted.

Construction of the new Naming System

Brand + Axle + Application + Construction + Variations(if any) + Tread Width (mm)

For more information, please contact Vipal’s technical team.

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